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September 10, 2009


Mel Gibson is… The Colonel (Sanders)

February 24, 2009

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webfind:Old School Rules for a Walk-Off, Members Only

January 26, 2009

Old School Rules for a Walk-Off, Members Only: “
David Bowie often reffed walk-offs for male models.

In Zoolander, noted singer, fashion expert and walk-off referee, David Bowie, laid down the law of the walk-off to male models Derek Zoolander and Hansel…so hot right now…Hansel:


Now this’ll be a straight walk-off, old school rules. First model walks, second model duplicates, then elaborates. OK boys, let’s go to work.

Neither David Bowie nor the walk-off rulebook had anything to say about Hansel miraculously pulling off his underwear without apparent crotch damage to win the walk-off. However, Bowie seemed impressed by Hansel’s deed, if not the outdated jackets with all the shoulders straps, collar straps and buttons and such at the Members Only warehouse.


Derek Zoolander, however, was called a ‘dinosaur’ like the Members Only jackets above by Hansel. That was messed up of Hansel and hurt Derek’s feelings. And mine, too, since I might have owned one of these babies at one point. Although all alleged photographic evidence has been destroyed.
See also Mugatu on Fashion.”

(Via Mike Doe.)