I’ve been introduced to a new term, and I think it’s a worth sharing. Philosothinking. This is a level of thought higher than just plain old thinking about stuff but not qualified enough to be actual philosophizing. This type of thought is usually reserved for long nights of drinking or partaking of  other vices but I’m sure plenty of us have been able to philosothink in everyday  situations such as being bored at work or spacing out at church.

Whereas thinking is coming up with the list of things you need to do on your day off and philosophizing is  pondering the existence of man and our purpose in life, philosothinking usually begins with “hey man…” and is something along the lines of “who decided righty was tighty and lefty was loosy? Why is this the standard for everything? Shouldn’t we be able to have lefty as tighty and righty as loosy?”

So flag down the bartender or call up the dealer, because my friends, it’s time to start philosothinking.


you true philosothinkers (and geeks) out there will totally get this picture.

You true philosothinkers (and geeks) out there will totally get this picture.


One Response to philosothinking

  1. Beth says:

    So I agree, but I think that I have found an alternate description of philosothinking as well. Today I will go to my social justice class, which is really a philosophy class in sheep’s clothing. Where as everyone else in class will be pilosophizing, I will only be philosothinking. Why? Because they are trained in the art of philosophizing, and I am just trying to philosophize. Therefore, mmy alternate definition is those who try to philosophize but fail.

    P.S. When you start using philosophize and philosothink a lot you really start questioning their spellings… or is that just me?

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