webfind: Get iPhoto-to-Facebook export for free

Get iPhoto-to-Facebook export for free: ”

One of the new features of iPhoto ‘09 is Facebook integration. With ‘just a few clicks’ as they say, you can export your pictures to Facebook with tagging, face recognition and other data intact. It’s all quite simple and easy from what I’ve observed in the demos. Those of you with iPhoto ‘08 who’d like to have this functionality now can check out the iPhoto-to-Facebook plugin.

I installed it on my MacBook pro earlier today (I’m running iPhoto 7.1.5), and it worked perfectly. To use it, first select the photos you want to send to Facebook. Next, choose ‘Export’ from the File Menu.

The Export Window appears, complete with new Facebook tab. From here it’s rather self-explanatory. First, log into Facebook by clicking the ‘Login’ button, which opens a browser window. Once that’s done, return to iPhoto. Next, you can add captions and choose the album you want to receive your photos, or create a new one.

The face recognition is the cool part. Just click on your subject’s face, and a drop-down menu appears listing all of your Facebok friends. A click adds the appropriate tag to a given photo. Neat.

Of course, this is a one trick pony and not a substitute for iPhoto ‘09, but if Facebook export is a feature you’re just itching to get your hands on, try this plugin.

Check out the gallery below for setup and use of this plugin.

(Via David Caolo.)


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